"Art that brings joy" As someone who has been living in an entirely different country, I often think about the meaning of identity, culture and how they ultimately relate to peace. As for the last one, I think its meaning lies in the ability of accepting and embracing a different culture and to find a way of harmoniously merging it with one's own. Thus I decided to ideate two different series, the first being "Harmony and Joy", which is about a peaceful and joyful world in which both the taste of the east and the west combines in harmony. The second is "Peaceful Landscapes", where nature and human architecture are in harmony. I am accepting commissions to develop the above sketches into oil paintings. If you have a favorite one, I suggest you order it promptly as they are one of a kind artworks. The pricing for the pictures of these two series is reported below. The prices include custom frames that will be created for each picture. For the month of December 2022, 10% of the revenues will be devolved to the NPO Terra Renaissance for helping the population of Ukraine. Click here to request informations or to place your order.
Size Number Artwork size(cm)Price in Japanese Yen
1 22 x 12 450,000
2 24 x 14 850,000
5 35 x 22 1,500,000
6 41 x 24 1,950,000
10 55 x 33 3,150,000
15 65 x 45 4,600,000
20 77 x 50 6,000,000
25 80 x 53 7,500,000
30 91 x 60 9,000,000
40 100 x 65 12,000,000
50 116 x 72 15,000,000
60 130 x 80 18,000,000
80 146 x 112 24,000,000
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