"A harmonious connection between tradition and modernity." Angles of Beauty - Release One - Lady Justice

Welcome to my first collection of NFTs, Lady Justice.

The NFTs of the 15 images above are available for purchase on OpenSea.

The human body is a marvelous achievement in evolution, where complexity, engineering, functionality and beauty are bound together and purpose meets elegance.

The mastery of human anatomy was the pinnacle of the artist's achievements since the period of classical Greece and artworks like the Laocoon have been mesmerizing humanity for millennia. To celebrate the beauty in the elegant complexity of our human bodies, I decided to create a series of images where I captured the human form from different points of view.


In Release One, I focused on the concept of Justice, taking the liberty of giving my own interpretation of the Goddess Iustitia, from Roman Mythology.

Justice is a great achievement of human consciousness.

It identifies and distinguishes our society: it is fairness, it is meritocracy, it is safety. It is the punishment of wrongdoings and the reward of good behaviours. It gives us the confidence that we can strive for a better life by our own deeds.

Where, in the animal kingdom, cruelty and strength are the law, we have elevated ourselves by creating fairness in our society.


Lady Justice has been historically represented as a woman holding a sword and scales.

Like all men are created equal, I decided to balance in equilibrium two skulls over above the plates of his scale.

Being justice a concept exquisitely human among all other species, Lady Justice is inside a human construction, around nature. At her feet, the cornucopia, the horn of plenty, symbolizes that access to opportunities should be equal for everybody.


While the image rotates, the history of Justice is told.

To her left is a pile of human bones, a symbol of the primitive chaos and violence that predates the creation of the concept of justice in human society.


Diametrically opposite, to her right, is the symbolic representation of the blockchain, as a provocation that perhaps justice will be encoded inherently in the smart contracts on which the society of the future will be based.

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