Being born in Italy, among natural landscapes and the beauty from the ancient times, Art has always been a recurring element in my everyday life. Breathing it little by little, it has become part of myself, a part of my way of thinking.


Nature is pleasing with its rhythm, it is beautiful in its harmony.


It communicates us an unconscious need of beauty, spontaneous nutriment for our soul.


In the same way, it arouses the need for the works of humanity to respect that feeling. Designing them beautiful, harmonious. Making them worth to be seen, as capable of stimulating emotions, of stimulating our thoughts.


This is the spirit which drives me to paint, to will to leave a harmonic mark of myself in the world. A message to communicate to the elder and the young, to the citizens of the 21st century as to the future generations.


Fine Arts, basing themselves on images and not on words, transcends the obstacles of time and culture.

I feel a deep aversion against modern art.


Art which conceals indolence with a pretending intellectual attitude, considered being a prerogative of the admirers, which actually is nothing but a curious jigsaw-puzzle unable to communicate emotions.


I love the Art of the Old Masters, which hides Literature, Philosophy, Science, human feelings behind skillfully executed images.


With my Art, now, in the 21st Century, I want to recover the spirit of the Old Masters, their respect for the scientific knowledge applied to Fine Arts.


The latter makes Art a continuous, constant, tireless research: education of the brain through observation, dexterity of the hand, consciousness of the behavior of light, knowledge upon the use of materials, confidence in the application of the paint.

Art which embraces Science.


Not to be bounded into cold quantitative relations, but to create a fertile humus into which to plant in harmony the seeds of intuitions, passions, feelings, thoughts, beauty and truth. Not a metallic cage which imprisons the freedom of the artist, yet the platform from which to fly, a massive cultural foundation which, with every day efforts, becomes the second nature to spontaneously support the movements of the hand and the fluctuations of the thoughts.


Without Science the other soul of Art, the intimate one, the one about which explanations cannot be found on books, which cannot be either taught either learnt, the one that arise inside while contemplating a masterpiece, would be energy dissipated into the empty, an echo into the space remained unheard.


When Art in its journey meets the love for the knowledge of the Science, it finds the strength to shape the rhythm which will appeal to every man as such, and its message impressed into the chiefly executed image on the canvas will be able to face the passing of time.

“Nowadays art is rubbish. To disrupt it and wake up the world is my duty.”
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