“I never compromise, I control every single aspect of the process. Only this way I can ensure my paintings will still be perfect in 500 years.”

Every picture, being a genre painting or a portrait, is the result of patient work which requires careful planning and time.

When Matteo starts painting the picture on the panel, the former has already been completely planned in every detail.


To ensure that the painting will last in perfect conditions for centuries, Matteo needs to have control over every single aspect of the painting process and he scrupulously prepares by himself the panels to be painted and the oil colors. He sources his pigments and oils of the highest degree of purity from Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands; rigorously following recipes coded in the Renaissance.


Willing to create artworks completely unique in every aspect, since 2019 Matteo decided to accompany his paintings with custom made frames that he designs and prepares himself.

The frames themselves become an exclusive opportunity to expand on the theme of the paintings, creating an unmatched harmony that is not created by anybody else in the world.














Though the time necessary to paint a picture largely varies according both to its kind and its size, due to technical reasons like the time taken for the priming of the panel and the practical execution of the painting, at least several months are required.

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